Ableton Education Tour, India

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Ableton, the creator of popular music creation and performance tools, has announced the Ableton Education Tour – a series of free workshops, seminars, and performances that will occur across 3 cities in India. With the intention of inspiring and informing music makers of all levels, the tour will visit Bangalore, Noida, and Mumbai between 25-29 March.

Several notable artists and trainers will help facilitate the different legs of the tour, with ex-AL-HACA Soundsystem artist Christian Schwanz aka CEE joining Beatworx co-founder Ashwin Babuaro and Ableton Certified Trainers Dawn Phillip and Ashrith Baburao in Bangalore on 25 March. Organized in association with Ableton User Group Bangalore, the Bangalore edition will have CEE dive into his own production for the purpose of the workshop.

A highlight of the tour’s Greater Noida stop at Global Music Institute will be performances and in-depth talks on music-making with techno artist BLOT!, and singer and producer Kavya Trehan. Also joining at GMI on 27 March will be co-founder DJ MoCity, Third Culture’s Tej Brar and other Ableton Certified Trainers like Aditya Balani and Hozaifa Sayed.

The tour concludes on 29 March at Mumbai’s True School of Music with Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes deconstructing her music followed by presentations from Aditya Balani and CEE.

For more details about the event, please follow the following Facebook pages and groups.




Article Credit: Wildcity, Ableton User Group Bangalore

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