With an immediate urge to educate the growing urban population of electronic music and art lovers and its myriad of possibilities in terms of cultural exchange, knowledge and awareness in India, Inditronic spawns out of the single vision, ie, to showcase the wealth of talent that the country possesses exclusively in all forms of electronic media. We are at a time when Indian artists are now being followed all across the world with their music and art in demand across various formats. The music and art scene is exploding with incredible local talent. Yet, we feel, that they do not get the accolades that they deserve in their home soil. It is here that our entity will be poised to be the key change in the industry, by educating and creating awareness and bringing unity among the audience, event managers, artists and key figures. How will it do that ? By creating a portal , in one of its only kind, that is dedicated to only Indian electronic music, art and events. Inditronic is that website that will showcase all that is Indian.

Mission Statement

The Indian audience is now ever more curious about their own talent. With Inditronic we seek to capitalize this moment. Inditronic will not just be the platform that gives out information to the public, but also a portal that would evolve into multiple avenues within the brand that would include carefully curated events and key community gatherings focused on nurturing our national talent. At Inditronic we are committed to the growth and cause of the independent and alternative electronic music and arts scene.

Founding Members


Sumith Suresh  

The co-founder and driving force behind Inditronic, Sumith Suresh is a globetrotting music producer/dj under the aliases Braindrop and Synister. With a career spanning 15 years he is one of the nations most celebrated artists. He has also been involved in launching several key events across the subcontinent over the last decade and is an integral part of the music industry as a a label owner, educator and avid supporter of all things electronic music and art.




  Surag Paramban

Surag is the co-founder and anything tech behind Inditronic. A geek and a strategist. He is a well-recognized startup guy in his turf and has been a guiding force behind many successful technology startups. Coming from a strong computer engineering background, he has worked with a couple of Fortune 100 companies before becoming a serial entrepreneur. His e-commerce startup was awarded as one of the best tech startup in India in 2014.


In house Superstars


Keya Pothen


Nabonita Bandyopadhyay

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