Anjuna to Assam with the ChakraView

by Team Inditronic
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Hi Shaveer. Congratulations on your new album. It is quite a top album indeed. Could you tell us how long were you working on this and the process behind this?

Hello. Would firstly like to thank you for featuring me on your portal, which is one of a kind and more power to it.

I am glad you guys like the album. The album took about a year to complete and especially since it was in collaboration with 10 acts. So sharing files/projects back and forth took some time. In most cases, our DAWs were different, so we exchanged Stems and worked like that. In the case of my collab with Hashashin, Groovehunter and Cosmic Brahma, we could fortunately sit in the same studio and finish our tracks.

Most people find their entry into the world of psytrance after having had a life changing trip to the mecca of Psytrance that is Goa. Was it the same for you? 

Yes we all heard that story about Goa, but fortunately or unfortunately that’s not my story. I did have a clue that most of the Psytrance sounds evolved from the Goa scene but I was always into rock and roll, and more into instruments and band performances, but around 2005-06, I got a taste of psytrance, which I heard from close buddy Erfan and my cousin Zoheb. So yes the hypnotic beats did mesmerize me and I dived into it to explore more and more which led me here.

How was your entry into psytrance and what led you to start Chakraview?

As mentioned earlier, I started experimenting with electronic music and sounds in 2005-06 with Erfan, who was also an erstwhile producer under the name Trytamind (Shiva squad recs). So we experimented with a lot of Vst and Daws trying to find our sounds. I continued with my journey, and started producing Isra style Full on morning sounds as Felix. Released couple of Eps, the most popular being Anjuna to Assam in 2010.

Started the Chakraview project in 2014, after support and motivation from brother and dearest buddy, Ananda. So I set out on a more night full on approach with twilight overtones. That’s how it started for me and I am happy to witness the evolution of the sounds I am making at the moment.

You have an interesting background besides music. You are also a lawyer in your day job. That is quite unique and interesting given that there is probably hardly anybody who is both a lawyer and an artist at the same time. How do you manage your schedule juggling both lives?  Having experienced many interesting moments in the eyes of a lawyer, does it have an impact on your music?

That’s a part of me that intrigues most people. How is the balance struck? Well I never really thought about it so deeply, cause at end of the day, I enjoy both the lives of being a musician and a lawyer. All that matters to me is that we live once, so why not do the things that make you feel alive.

Being a lawyer, I have definitely inculcated the aspect of discipline and focus, and incorporated the same into my music, which helps me finish projects within reasonable time.

We also know you’re an ace guitarist! Your collaborative project as Magnetik Brainz with your close friend and fellow label dj Ananda is quite an interesting combination of groovy high energy psytrance mixed with your shredding skills on the guitar. Do you have any plans to make a release as this project ? What’s instore for Magnetik Brainz in 2019?

As Magnetik Brainz we are often performing at gigs within the country. We have definitely thought about sitting in the studio and writing some music together but trying to find the time from our work and gig schedules.

Your favorite vst?

I guess many of who follow my Youtube channel would definitely know this, and its – Albino by Rob Papen. Though I also love using Serum, Massive, Waves, Virus Ti and several others, Albino somehow has been the integral vst for my journey as ChakraView.

The track that made you choose music as your career?

I am in love with music and sounds, and cannot assign any particular track in such. But I guess my inspiration to actually play the guitar and take it forward even in the form of electronic music comes from Classic Rock and reggae.

What can we expect from you in 2019 ? New releases, album tour if any?

For 2019, I plan to take it little easy and focus on single releases maybe. I am also working on a new project and hope I can come out with some new sounds soon. As for tours and gigs, I am excited to perform at the upcoming Shaktipeak festival, and Rang festival in the coming few months. Rest time will tell.


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