Clubbing in India by Chal Ravens

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Chal Ravens, the host of Top Flight on Red Bull Radio and a freelance writer talks about her recent experience with some electronic music festivals in India and she explores in a long detailed article. She also finds out how the Indian women are breaking the barriers and carving out their own place in the scene as DJs and producers.

Quoting from the article

January 2019.When I first arrived in Delhi, I had a particular question on my mind: I wanted to know how Indian women were carving out their own place in the scene as DJs and producers, and what obstacles there might be to getting involved in music in a conservative—if highly pluralistic—country. As it turns out, promoting gender balance is one area in which Delhi’s music community, at least, is making huge strides. The city’s aspiring women DJs and producers are doing something strikingly familiar: they’ve formed a collective.

This article is originally published in ResidentAdvisor. Please follow the link here for full article:

Author: Chal Ravens

Photo Credits: Chal Ravens, ResidentAdvisor 

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