4 Electronic Music production & Dj schools in India you should know of

by Team Inditronic
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While there are plenty of schools across India, that are engaged in the profession of teaching electronic music production and audio engineering, carving out a career in electronic music, goes beyond just music production. It is culmination of skills, industry knowledge and experience. We handpick 4 schools that have faculty which include some of the best artists in the country and those who are firmly entrenched in various aspects of the nightlife industry.

01.                    ADAPT – Delhi

Run by Vikrant Rathore aka Audiogramme/Vial , a reputed and in demand psytrance producer , Adapt having been operational just under 2 years, has made quite a mark in the Delhi circuit. Situated in the bustling hub of Hauz Khaz Village with state of the art facilities, a good in house faculty and guest talks and workshops  by the likes of Kohra, Starlab Blot and more. They have a range of courses from music production, djing and film scoring

Website : https://adaptmusicacademy.com/

02.                 BEATWORX  – Bangalore

Fronted by the brothers Audio Units, one of India’s premier house and techno outfits, Beatworkx based out of Bangalore is one of the top destinations for aspiring electronic enthusiasts to learn the craft. An Ableton certified centre, with Ashrith Baburao , one half of Audio Units the certified trainer , and a faculty featuring some of the best Dj’s around the city and the country , Beatworx is not only a school, but a fun team of highly creative and passionate individuals that are also well immersed in curating the nightlife in the city with their flagship property Afterworx.

Student Success : Tasnneem (Wind Horse Records) | Sandeep Pai (Polyptych )

Website : https://www.beatworx.in/

03.                         ILM Academy – Gurgaon

ILM is one of the first electronic music schools in India , that initially started in Bangalore, the now Gurgaon based institution is fronted by none other than one of India’s premier techno artists Arjun Vagale. With an impressive visiting faculty members, by the likes of Midival Punditz it is also India’s first Ableton education partner school. With close ties to Unmute , a leading booking agency,  It also features key workshops and lectures with some of the best artists in the industry. ILM also is highly active in the NCR, Gurgaon region.   

Student Success : Jay Pei (Qilla Records) | Candice Redding

Website : https://www.ilovemusic.edu.in/

04.                            THE MUSICSCOOL – Bangalore

Run by veteran Dj’s and industry experts , Dj Clement and  Sean De Souza, this school situated in the heart of Bangalore’s bustling Indiranagar neighbourhood, is one of the most in demand in the country with students coming from all over. It comprises of a team with an industry experience of 2 decades from various aspects. It features a  heavyweight faculty that consists the likes of in-house and visiting faculty such as Weird Sounding Dude, Braindrop, Tuhin Mehta, Vachan Chinaappa with regular workshops and lectures from industry stalwarts from across the globe. Highlights of the school include a 24/7 accessible state of the art dj and production studio. It is also one of the very few schools that has a full blown VJ course covering performance, mapping and related subjects, conducted by in demand video jockey VJ Harish. 

Student Success : Shaun Moses (Octopus | Off Records) 

Website : http://www.themusicscool.in/


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