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Top and upcoming female electronic music artists from India...

The last few years has seen the growth of many female talents across the country producing a wide range of electronic music ranging from soulful house to twisted psytrance and beyond. It’s an exciting time to be as more women are getting onto the production bandwagon which is definitely a good sign for the electronic music scene in general.  Here are some of our current favorites to watch out for in the near and upcoming future.


Ayesha Pramanik

Goa based Ayesha Pramanik is one of India’s longest standing female dj/producer’s with a career spanning over a decade. Playing at some of the best venues across all cities consistently, she also has notched up some solid releases over the last few years.

Fluro Neuro

Fluro Neuro is Priyanka Sudhir, an experimental psytrance producer from Bangalore.Her music can be characterized, as atmospheric, tribal, deep and organic creating an atmosphere of fluorescence using psychotropic sounds and colors blending Psychedelia with her own flavor of dark, while focusing more on the Night Time Vibe.


fluro neuro


Kryll is the moniker for Rashi Jey Is a producer and DJ based in Chennai  India. She creates and performs electronic music, including deep house, techno, Psytrance and amalgamations of various other styles. A strong performance at the reality tv show Amazon Remix propelled her onto the limelight. With a strong foundation in Carnatic music and electronic music production,She is releasing her debut Electronic album ‘Heartmate’ this year. Click here to check her interview with Inditronic

Kini Rao

Mumbai based Kini Rao, has been playing all across India over the last decade and is one of the country’s first female house and techno producers.Her sound is soulful, deep lying between melodic house and techno.

kini rao
Priya sen

Priya Sen

Mumbai based Priya Sen, has been steadily honing her craft over the last few years to be poised as one of the top female talents to come out of India. Her sets continue to grace consoles with regularity as a specialist of Deep Tech, Progressive House and Melodic Techno,

at some of the most prolific hot spots and electronic dance music nights that celebrate the underground. She off late has been, working hard in the studio and has come out with top notch releases being supported and played by the likes of Hernan Catteneo, Stan Kolev and more.


Hyderabad based Tasnneem is one of the most upcoming female producers in the Indian electronic music circuit. Her music are an intricate blend of soulful, yet edgy sounds that are warm with lush atmospheres encompassing the spaces of jazz,funk, nu-disco, deep house, tech-house and techno.

zen zanan

Zen Zanan/Zequenx

Zainab Want from Delhi, is a versatile and upcoming electronic music producer producing various shades of electronic music such as Psytrance/ambient as Zen Zanan and minimal/techno as Zequenx. She is currently producing her debut dark ambient album to be released later on in the year A fine selector with exquisite taste and with prominent performances in the Delhi circuit , she is definitely one to watch out for the future.



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