Weird Sounding Dude

Blue Moon Particles




Calm Chor


Grounded ft Dinu

Braindrop& Synister

Folic State

8-Bit Culprit

The debut release of Inditronic is a special one, featuring 11 top notch Indian artists of various disciplines who came together to create an all ambient/downtempo compilation. Stepping outside their comfort zone to be part of a project that conceptually came to life during the tough times that we currently face due to the pandemic. With these beautifully crafted sonic works, they have spread the message of hope, by aiming to instill a sense of calm and positivity in these troubled times.

We hope that this offering helps you to put your mind at ease and that good days will come again.
Released May 29, 2020

Featuring: 8-Bit Culprit | Blue Moon Particles (Kryll & Bullzeye) | Braindrop meets Synister | Calm Chor Folic State | Fluro | Grounded ft Dinu | Kryll | Prematron | Vridian | Weird Sounding Dude

Download the album from Bandcamp: https://inditronic.bandcamp.com/releases