4 Live electronic music acts you should know of

by Team Inditronic
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It’s one thing to make finely produced music in the studio , but a completely different ball game when you try to replicate the same in a live setting. To say the least, that it is near to impossible to get the perfection and precision of doing it in the studio, but there are avant-garde artists pushing the boundaries trying to achieve near perfection of the same. With the explosion of electronic music in India over the last decade and the availability of electronic music machines now in numbers, here are some of the key artists who are pioneering this direction in the country.

1. Hybrid Protokol

Hybrid Protocol are Kolkata based Soumajit and Aneesh joined forces in establishing Hybrid Protokol in 2015. Inspired by 80s & 90s electronic acts, including the likes of Junkie XL, Chemical Brothers or Underworld, as well as modern acts including Nina Kravitz, Scuba or Martin Stimming, their productions stigmatize aggressive​ ​bass lines, funky breaks, and melodic arpeggiations.

Progressive electronica blended with breaks, acid and techno has become their main specialty over the years. Field recordings, ambient soundscapes merge with an array of synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers to create their eclectic sound.


2. Monophonik

Monophonik is the solo project of Mumbai based electronic music producer Shatrunjai Dewan. Having formally trained in classical piano and studied audio engineering, he now combines skillset of the two, creating a reservoir of fresh sounding, uplifting electronic music, infused with melody, grove, and the rawness of analog synthesizers.

Having trained in classical piano Monophonik is not only to get your feet moving, but also to be able to recreate electronic music in real time, using combinations of synthesizers, sequencers and organic elements. Fresh sounding, uplifting electronic music, infused with melody, grove, and the rawness of analog synthesizers is what you can expect.


3. No Latency & Vinayaka

It comes as no surprise when two genius minds in Vinayaka , an ace producer with an excellent musical background with severaltop releases, pairs up with a technically gifted electronic musician in No Latency that the output is going to be something special. A synergy of musically driven tight analog live performances is what the lads have been pushing over the last few years. The Chennai based duo of ace Vinayaka x No latency have been consistently captivating audiences with their melodic tinged live electronic performances.


4. 5volts

5volts is the project of multi disciplinary artist Varun Desai from Kolkata. Donning various hats as a visual artist, coder, event organizer , music evangelist One of the key figures in the Kolkata music scene, having been involved in pretty much every music circle from its birth to its rise, Varun now turns his focus on something that he was always passionate about. Machines and music. It was natural that he started 5volts to express this side of his creativity. 5volts music is as real as analog music can get. Raw modular sounds , drum sequences and abstract soundscapes characterize the 5volts sound.


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