In conversation with the soulful Deep House specialist

by Team Inditronic
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Tasnneem is part of the brigade of rising female talent in the country. In a short span, her soulful productions and sets are becoming a favorite across the nation. We caught up with the Hyderabad based artist for a quick interview.

What inspires your productions? Is there any other field in particular that influences your music?

The Art of making soulful music.The idea that something works well on the floor as well for listening purposes timeless music, dreamy, emotional, groovy inspires me.

Other forms of art such as films, Photography, Painting, Poetry, work hand in hand with music for me.

Any upcoming releases?

After releasing some music last year. I wanted to not do the obvious and repeat myself so i decided to write music in the first half of this year and then focus on finishing it in the second half of the year.

Releases should be lined up for 2020.

We asked this question to another female artist earlier and would like to get your thoughts on the same. Did you find it hard to cut through a male dominated market? If so, what were your challenges?

I had a chance to reflect on these things when i was doing a q&a for Beatworx (Bangalore) last month where i came to a conclusion That there are both Advantage and Disadvantages of being both Male or Female.
Where women visibility comes easily cause of the male/female ratio but credibility comes with time.
Not many women are working in the current night industry as Venue Promoters, Club Managers , Programers , Festival curators which does create a bit of a misfit.

Your current take on the scene in India at the moment?

I Genuinely believe things are always both good and bad. 0More and More people are now Listening to Underground music and so there is a demand in Club Curators now looking to book more and more such acts with a rise in the demand so many People have decided to ride the wave. A Dj is someone with his or her’s ability to not only skilfully mix music but is also a selector , known for fine taste of music (In the underground circuit specially known for the more unpopular, wired , unheard taste). I feel as underground gets more mainstream the lines become blur. That being said its still the best time India has seen so far in terms of numbers of gigs, festival,artist both national and international and club goers.

What has been the most favorite gig of yours in recent times?

I had an amazing time playing for the good folks at Blueprint in Colombo this October and then my once a month residency at the taoterraces, Bangalore is nothing but a bliss.

A track that you would love to remix.

If you go away on a summer day by Neil Diamond or ei sham baofek by Jacob Gurevitsch.

If you were to play a set right now what would your opening track be?

I have recently really enjoyed playing
John Acquaviva, Yoni Yarchi – Riah Alsahra
Or just two days ago i heard Janus Rasmussen-(Ryan Davis Rework)Either one depending on the mood , setting , of the place time slot etc.


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