Indian Industrial techno on the rise

by Team Inditronic
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When you think of Electronic music in India, especially in the techno circles, one would usually think it’s bound to be deep, melancholic, melodic, spiritually charged emotive music. 

But the last few years has seen the rise of techno that is from the opposite side of the spectrum. Harsh machine driven sounds, discordant tones and noisy fx that is synonymous with the darker side of techno. With their music being supported by the heavyweights of the genre, meet the rising industrial techno artists from India 


Dale and Lakshya are pioneering the movement with some hard heavy hitting visceral industrial techno frequently played by the likes of Rebekah and Paula Temple

Trialz Records · TRIALZ02 – A Birth Defect – State Of Panic

MODRAC, Chennai

Joba Khan, a vetetan in the Chennai techno scene has of late released solid tracks on Odd Recordings and his own Modrac imprint receiving support by the likes of Perc. 

MODRAC · Modrac – The Viking


Jammu based Prajwal Singh has his first release teaming up

with A Birth defect to produce an intense dark techno slammer. A lot is yet to come from this hidden talent. 

Helrad Limited · A Birth Defect feat. Unholy Existence – I Want Some More

MORBID DESCENDANT (A birth defect + unholy existence + thrae) 

A three way collaboration between the two Indian acts amd Italian producer Thrae, sees their first heavy industrial offering out on Thrae’s imprint Medieval Heresies

Helrad Limited · A Birth Defect feat. Unholy Existence – I Want Some More

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