I dont think it’s under represented, It’s out there

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I dont think it’s under represented, It’s out there.  – A brief conversation with India’s Industrial Techno Don, MODRAC

When you think of abstract, harsh and pounding techno in India, you might wonder if that is actually something that exists. But make no mistake, because in the last few years, the sound has grown exponentially with djs embracing the harder side of techno and artists popping up with solid tracks regularly. From a relatively unknown obscure space, some of these artists’ music have now been championed by some of the genre’s biggest names. Being supported by the likes of Dax J , Paula Temple and more Joba Khan aka Modrac is one of them. 

I started Djing in March2004. Early influences were Hip Hop, House and Electro.

Hard/Industrial Techno.
NO MERCY · MODRAC – Black Dress And White Strobes

To be honest,  except for 999999999 , the rest of the support came through label promos as it reached the right people and i’m glad they chose to play it out and coming back to 999999999, i knew one of them personally and we keep in touch regularly via social media.

I don’t consider it as underrepresented , it’s out there , people are open to listening that harder sounds. some of the hardest techno artists have toured our country in the recent past so the sounds are never under represented. the promoter should understand the sound of such nights and plan the line up accordingly, It’s that simple.

Yes, It was around even when i started to explore these sounds but only a couple of Djs used to play that hard sound and i loved every bit of it. 

In Chennai, it’s always a small group of people that love these kinds of nights, you have your regular electronic nights and you have these heavy sounds once in a while. It is evolving as always, we did it when we were young and wild and now there are youngsters who try to pull off such events, it’s great to see them doing it, but that passion was/ will always be there.

Always start with the kickdrum. A lot of warping and transpose is key to making those industrial sounds.

Arjun Vagale/ Asymetrik, Dot Dat, Pooja B, Audio Units, Kollision and Seventh Sea.

Ilaiyaraja/ A.R.Rahman/ Yuvan Shankar Raja. 

They are my go to music playlist if not for techno.

Auro – Delhi
Aqua – Bangalore

Underworld – Born Slippy

Yes, I’m extremely Passionate about football. I’m always open for a debate, but hey, Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT.

Perc – Dumpster (EAS Remix).

Inditronic.in · INDICAST 034 – MODRAC


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