‘ I have always been fascinated by acid sounds ‘ – Discussing Traum with Kount

‘ I have always been fascinated by acid sounds ‘ - Discussing Traum with Kount In our latest interview we caught up with Delhi based producer/dj Kount who just...

‘ I have always been fascinated by acid sounds ‘ - Discussing Traum with Kount

In our latest interview we caught up with Delhi based producer/dj Kount who just released his latest ep in February on Soupherb Records. A highly talented yet underrated producer in our eyes, we caught up with him for a brief chat on his background and the process behind his latest release , a 5 track peak time techno ep titled ‘Traum’

Hi Llewellyn. It’s a pleasure to have you with us for this interview. To begin with, we're curious about how you came up with the name Kount . What is the story behind it ?

I started my career as a DJ and Music Producer with my original name Llewellyn Hilt. Don’t ask me what it means, I really don’t know, all I know is that, it’s a Welsh name. I thought people might pronounce my name in ten different ways, like a tongue twister, making one funnier than the former. So, thought of changing it into an alias that would really fit, have a meaning behind it and easier to pronounce and remember.
As a DJ instructor the first thing I teach my students is to count beats to help them in beat matching. Beat counting in music is probably most important before learning key or scale. So I decided to name myself Count (not from Transylvania though), but spelt as Kount.

When did you start DJing and music production? What led you to choose this as your career path?

I clearly remember the summers of 1997, I was 16 when I first entered the DJ console at AntiClock, a club at Hotel Hindustan International in the city of joy Calcutta (now Kolkata). Mentored and trained under Ash Roy, I later became the resident DJ at AntiClock, which is when I knew I wanted to take DJing as a career. In the age of adolescence, I found music as my first love. My music production journey started when I moved to Delhi in 2001. I would stay up all night after my club gigs and try my hands on softwares like Reason and Ableton to make tracks. Soon I started focusing on improving my skills as a music producer by working with artists in the music industry. This really helped me in understanding the process and fine tune my skills as a producer.

CoVid , as we all know has hit the artist and creative communities the hardest. During the course of the last year , many also took the time to step back a bit and focused on other things that they did not have the time to address to earlier.
Was it the same for you?

Yes, our industry is one of the worst hit in this pandemic as even today there is no demand for artists for gigs. All major festivals are cancelled till no further notice, artists are losing residency at clubs & pubs as these are the tough times. A lot of last year was very difficult and taking a step back was all we could do. But as they say, you only take a step back for a bigger leap forward. I became a father to a beautiful daughter last February, a month before the lockdown. The lockdown gave me an opportunity to spend time with my family and the newborn and learn the process of being a parent. For me lockdown was a blessing in disguise, so no complaints.

Now that venues have opened up gradually with right precautions in place what do you think should change or improve in the scene going forward?

It’s good to see that many places are opening up with the right safety measures and precautions, however we still have a long way to go. Many places that got shut in the pandemic, have left many DJs jobless. The two changes that I really wish to see is creating more space for domestic acts and giving local DJs, who are fantastic in their skills, a space to perform at different venues. Secondly, creating a safe environment for the guests by abiding the guidelines laid by the government and the health authorities, as COVID has not yet ended.

Could you tell us more about your latest release? Particularly the idea behind it musically and how it came to life.

My latest EP is called Traum which is out on my favourite label Soupherb records. The EP has 3 original tracks and two massive remixes by Calm Chor and Skov Bowden. I have always been fascinated by acid sounds on the Roland 303 which inspired me to recreate these sounds from scratch. It was like creating an anecdote for my tracks which gave me three different tones & sounds and ideas for creating Leads for the EP.

Was there any particular piece of gear, plugin etc that was common in the production of these tracks?

So I have made it a habit of using a single plugin for a track and for this EP I have worked extensively with my Ableton Plugin called the Operator. All sounds, and melodies in these three tracks are from Operator only.

Any other future releases in the works?

I am currently working on two new EPs that I wish to complete soon and if I am satisfied with the sounds and arrangements, I will put them out for release as well.


TRAUM Ep is Out Now

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