I like to take themes and emotions to record and experiment ‘ A conversation with Electronica maestro Prematron.

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‘ I like to take themes and emotions to record and experiment ‘ A conversation with Electronica maestro Prematron.
A musical maestro, Premik Jolly is undoubtedly one of India’s finest musicians.
The bangalore based artist has such a rich musical background from being one of the front members of ‘Threinody’ one of Bangalore’s first thrash metal bands, to forming psychedelic/electronica rock band ‘Akashic’ while producing a variety of slick progressive trance and lush ambient and electronica under the moniker Prematron. We caught up with him discussing his influences, approach to live performances and sound design roles for reputed music brands.

Ozric tentacles, aes Dana, H.U.V.A network, solar fields, cell, carbon based lifeforms, asura, astropilot, tangerine dream, and Scann Tec to name a few. (trust me… there’s a lot more)

I would say ambient progressive with driven bass lines and melodic elements. But then again I do make various styles of electronic and psychedelic music as well.


I need to be inspired and feel in a particular way to create music. I can always sit in the studio and make stuff up but if it’s not got an emotion or theme to it, it won’t make it to the song stage. I like to take these themes and emotions and put down motifs or jams and record/experiment with them and pick from the lot and see what translates into a piece.

Yes! I’m lucky to work with these brands and make content for them. So I tie up with the distributors to promote their products on social media and provide value added content like presets and demos. Doing my bit to spread the gospel of synths!

You are also a very avid collector of music gear. What piece of software and hardware is going into your tracks

I love synthesizers and guitars. They are my biggest weakness. On the hardware side now I’m really digging the ASM Hydrasynth and the Roland MC 707. On the software side there’s serum and vital, totally flexible. I’m also using some of the moog modular and field recordings in the upcoming album.

Astronomy and astrophotography for sure.

I love reading, astrophotography, gaming and watching anime and movies.

So I come from a metal background and play with a couple of bands, on the other side I was exploring psychedelic music as well. Akashic is a dream project for me as it let’s me amalgamate progressive rock/metal with psychedelic elements. So we, like minded friends in the music scene came together to record our first album Vimana. We are looking to come back to complete the second album for which there are a couple of songs and ideas complete when we get time as all other band members are busy with other projects.

Akashic · Vimana

Yes I am a live artist and love playing Live. I am also going to go out here and say that I don’t DJ but have always made music spontaneously on the spot live or taken motifs that were conceived previously and elaborate on them. I am down with doing a dj set as well and it’s something I would love to try.

Keep your head down and focus on your craft. Follow your heart musically and stay true to the music that naturally flows through you. Technically I do believe that with a little bit of education, time, practice and patients you will be able to achieve your goal. It’s a great time to be alive and make electronic music now with the ease and access of technology!

Recurring dreams by tangerine dreams
Space for the earth by ozric tentacles

Has to be Echoes of Earth 2019 played an all analogue live set for an intimate crowd under the banyan tree.

Krishna murthy aka No latency
DJ Dheeraj aka Pavaka

And of course a heap of dj’s that I love and listen to like Clement, Vachan, Mafaiza and so many more.

Well there’s Talpa aka the Riddler who I have collaborated with but totally love working with.
I would totally love to collaborate with Spinal Fusion on the psy front. I’m a huge fan of BT and his work so if that ever happens drinks on me!
It would be a dream to collaborate with the guys from H.U.V.A Network and most of the artists from Ultimae Records. Inditronic.in · INDICAST 033 – PREMATRON Follow Prematron :


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