Merging audio and visual landscapes. In the moment with bass music expert, Spryk

by Team Inditronic
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Mumbai based Spryk has been steadily honing his craft over the last few years. From crafting lush electronica, abstract trap to dubstep to  creating a VR experience at Magnetic Fields 2016, fresh off his set last weekend in Bangalore, we caught up with this unique audio visual artist.

Hi Tejas, Thanks for joining us. How was was 2018 for you ? What were your highlights ?

Hi guys, pleasure to be chatting with you. 2018 was a very interesting year for me. Musically it was challenging but fruitful too. The highlight I would say was definitely working on the collaboration with thebigfatminimalist. Aniruddh and me crafted an hour long live audio visual performance showcasing all original content. This show travelled across the country and was then packaged and released as a full length LP. The other big move for me was to set up my own imprint Skip-A-Beat which took birth from the radio show I host and curate on Tell us a bit about your musical background. How did you come up with the name ?

My background comes from various places ranging from hindustani and carnatic classical music to a lot of 90’s urban music. Pop and film music also definitely played a role influencing my taste in sounds. The name was well a strange one to come up with! I liked the sound of it for one and at the same time it’s a word that doesn’t have a definition per say which let’s me create a meaning for it. ‘Spryk’ to me felt like almost an adjective to describe my work haha

How would you describe your sound ? Who are your major influences ?

My sound I would say is driving and varies in energy. I like to think of my music as a freeform sound. One that isn’t defined purely by genre or the flavor of the season.
Currently a lot of my influences are visual artists actually!   Any new releases in the pipeline ?

Yes, there’s a lot of new music I’ve been working on. In fact i’m currently in the process of recording vocals for a bunch of tracks. How do you go about your production process ? Do you have any favourite studio tricks ?

My process I think has evolved a lot over the years so it’s a mix of a lot of different things.  Often start with a single sample, other times with just a synth patch and off late I’ve been starting with writing long intros that develop into a larger musical idea.

You’re also interested in technology driven new media arts. You were part of a VR installation at Magnetic Fields 2016. Could you tell us more about this project and how this came about ?

Yes, absolutely! Beyond Within was a VR project that a dear friend of mine, Smit and I co produced and conceptualised in 2016. The project came out of a simple curiosity both of us shared towards learning about and engaging with immersive media. From that point on we just started experimenting with various tools that help build such experiences and BW basically became our prototype to experiment with. It was a lot of fun but also grueling to piece together. I think two-three years on, I now feel much more at home with such projects.
Do you see yourself branching into a sort of a audio visual crossover hybrid electronic artist ? Do you think there will be new breed  of electronic music artists that would be at the intersection of cutting-edge visual arts and music ?

That’s a nice way to put it. It is definitely something I try and integrate at every step. Visuals are a huge tool in building experiences and being able to tell a story or express a mood. I feel like there is already a new breed of young artists that understand the importance of bridging worlds and building Audio Visual projects. It is definitely a very exciting space to be in.
Indian independent electronic music scene has been on an upswing since the last 5 years. Do you see the trend continuing ?  What are the challenges an upcoming artist faces in the industry and what part of the industry would you like to see improving ?

I think it’s still quite early to know if this is the upswing, man. I feel like there is a lot going on which is great but there is also a lot yet to happen and who knows what the future holds! As a trend it’s becoming increasingly popular to bring down international acts but I think that’s also helping a lot of the underbelly of our own talents to come to the surface and present themselves. I feel like a lot is improving as we speak. There is a serious sub cultural shift taking place in the creative arts in India right now which is fantastic. So many colors, sounds, ideas are coming to life at all different scales.
If not Spryk, what would Tejas end up doing ?

Haha, what I actually do when I’m not playing shows.. Running my studio business, designing tech driven experiences, spending time with loved ones. Any personal favourite artists  from India ?

Salty Prawn, Lacuna, RHL, Mugen, so many more.
A dream collaboration

I feel super blessed and inspired with my current collaborators already so not missing out much just yet I feel 😉
Thanks for chatting with us. Any last words for our readers ?

Thanks for the chat! Dig deeper into the musical landscape that exists around you, you’ll be very very surprised 🙂 Cheers!

Check out his debut album , an Lp that was part of an audio visual collaboration with thebigfatminimalist

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