KryLL- The upcoming Princess of Indian Electronica

by Team Inditronic
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What influenced you into making music in the electronic music scene? Why specifically Psychedelic and Techno?

I have been a musician all my life, from growing up learning Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam dancing. That culturally influenced me. But when I was just finishing high school, I have started attending electronic music parties and that is something resonated me and it grew in me quickly. It was something different from my world at that time. That was the beginning of it. Psychedelic and techno was my first liking. I am not very particular with genres but for me, it is one step at a time. For me to play music in any particular genre you have to be part of that culture, understand the music in and out, etc. Maybe I will take up more music styles in the future when I am ready.


Kryll performing at the FutureSound Bangalore Season opening party on 2nd Feb 2019

Kryll is a unique name! Can you tell us how and why you chose this name in particular?

I love Bats. Kryll is a bat-like creature from Gears of War(the game). I chose this name because my music has a lot of dark elements to it and Kryll is a very dark creature. Because of my likeness towards bats, when I saw this character, I immediately got my name.

Who are some of your musical influences or musicians you look up to/motivate you to continue producing and Djing?

Electrypnose, Psykovsky, White Wizzard, Arjun Vagle and many more. They influence me and motivate me because they make a lot of content and the elements what they put in their music is something that I like and resonate with.

A lot of #GirlPower is in the electronica scene these days and a lot of great upcoming talents. It’s truly refreshing. Do you have any advice for any potential music makers trying to make it into the industry?”

Just keep making music. It is all about learning, practicing, listening and repeating. It’s all a process. If you practice more your skill level goes higher and if you have the skill the industry will accept you for that. How much ever it takes, keep practicing till you make it. And for the women out there, if you really want to come out and do this, you should just come out and do it. It’s not difficult if you love what you do. I would love to see more of you coming into the industry.

Now, when we talk about the electronic music industry in India, what is good and bad you noticed? Where do we need improvement?

According to me, I don’t believe in good or bad. it is all about perception. There might be music which I agree with, but others won’t. But when it comes about improvement, as a country we need to pay attention to all the talent we have within the country. We have a great talent base in the country and we need to support good artists in every way we can. Otherwise, I feel like our scene is really great.

What’s your favorite music to listen to? Like an Electronic sub-genre or maybe something completely different.

I am a person who listens to all kinds of music. I love jazz, ambient and film scores and more. I love the variety in music and I take inspiration from all genre of music. It helps me perform better

When you’re producing music, what are some elements that you try to infuse into your productions? Asked another way… how would you define your signature sound?

I love the atmosphere. I feel like music has to take you through a journey and its all about each element communicating with each other. The atmosphere is the one which holds everything together. The sound is a very big spectrum and you can do anything with it and I get inspiration from the surroundings.

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