The Voice of the FutureSound

by Team Inditronic
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Hi Nish, and thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! With FutureSound new season kicking off, how does FS compare to other electronic music festivals in India?

I should never compare and create my own direction, isn’t it how it should be? That leads to something unique. If it works out, great. Future sound is designed to be a premium experience centric event showcasing the best of international and homegrown talent with futuristic production, great ambiance, and new concepts to keep things fresh. We look into every detail and people are reciprocating to it really well.

Let’s talk about Future Sound. How did it all start? And where do you see it going in the future?

I just felt things were getting repetitive and monotonous at this part of the world. The experience factor was missing. People wanted something more than just big names, and nowadays it is never about the Artist alone. People check out the overall aspect of the event, and they demand quality production and sound. With FutureSound, I had just the right ingredients. Now when I look back, with about 15,000 plus happy fans in just a year and a half, I think we are headed to a great future.

Producer, DJ, composer, Event Manager, Sound Engineer, label owner, touring artists, you do it all. Can you open up about the most challenging aspect of juggling so many roles and where do you feel that your heart would take you if you had to pick just one to do for the rest of your life, and why?

One thing for the rest of your life sounds more challenging to me [laughs], I am a juggler by nature and it all seems to have just happened. Trust me, none of this was planned. The driving force is obviously music and each of these verticals sort of compliment the other. Now all of it is starting to shape the way I perceive music or the industry. I currently my focus is event planning, and it takes up most of my time and energy and its a serious responsibility. I have also started working on collaborations with some really cool artists, and a few totally different style of music. I guess, stay tuned? [Smiles]

I have attended a few of your FS events earlier, and I always notice you go great lengths to make it ‘Sound’ perfect. What are the thoughts behind it?

That’s when the engineer in me kicks in. What is the point of bringing down such good international talent and present them on a “decent” sound? It kills the vibe completely. For me, that is cost cutting in the wrong area. I have never compromised on a good sound system. From custom made to L-acoustics, VOID, D&B, and Nexo, I have used them all. For my events, I personally have to tune it to my taste and that works out great for people. What else can I ask for!. I am glad a lot of organizers are catching up now.

Now, when we talk about the electronic music industry in India, what is good and bad you noticed? Where do we need improvement?

Watching it from where it was to what it is, our scene is huge right now and every top artist’s list. We are evolving constantly and at the perfect spot globally and fans need to support this movement, at this moment I think the focus needs to shift towards homegrown artists, DJs and Organisers the struggle is real and we, fans included, are all equally responsible to shape the industry.

Thank you for talking to us Nish. All the best for the ‘Future‘ events.

Thank you mate. Inditronic is something that the industry needs and you guys are doing a great job at it. Keep it up and see you at the next FutureSound event. Cheers.

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