Omveda Records enters its 12th year

by Team Inditronic
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A decade in electronic music is no easy feat. To be on top of it, consistently at the highest quality is even harder.

Omveda Records, the cutting edge night time  psytrance label founded by pioneering producer Braindrop, enters its 12th year.

Starting off with DJ Mash in 2007 and taking over the reins a couple of years later, the label has risen to become one of the longest standing imprints in the global psytrance scene currently synonymous with high grade releases. The complex and ever evolving sounds fronted by its global base of artists ranging from India to Brazil, is a constant feature  on the sets of top Djs and playlists of psytrance lovers worldwide.

Omveda Records celebrates this occasion with a top quality release of 13 tracks compiled by Braindrop and Sweden based label Dj Skyvibes.

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