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DGTL is a global electronic music festival with editions in Amsterdam, Santiago (Chile), São Paulo (Brazil), Barcelona & Madrid (Spain), Tel Aviv (Israel), and during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Besides its focus on music, DGTL brings a mix of unique art installations and revolutionary sustainability projects. Its sustainability program distinguishes it within the festival landscape. It is DGTL’s mission to become the world’s first circular festival by 2020, which includes being completely waste and emission-free.

This weekend, DGTL makes its India debut in Bengaluru.


How DGTL is paving the way for sustainability events around the world 

There is a massive shift taking place in the event circuit across the world with a focus on experiential events, and importantly, sustainability. Given the need of the hour, DGTL – the global music festival for electronic music, will continue to focus on sustainability as one of its core pillars. 

Over the past 7 years, DGTL has focused on putting sustainable programs at the center of its festival editions, and with each edition, it has piqued the interest of attendees and has created a space for provocation and dialogue. DGTL embeds sustainability and environmental awareness into everything right from its decor to installations, and stage development, transforming its festival editions into open, experiential spaces.

Here are some of the sustainability initiatives one can look forward to at DGTL Bengaluru on January 11-12, 2020 at The Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru:


Solar Powered stage at DGLT Amsterdam 2018

Dgtl 3 algae shot and smoothie


Dgtl 4 recycled decor


Cigarette filters are made up of plastic fibers which render them non-biodegradable. They are the number one contaminant of our oceans and the most littered item on the planet. 

Butt Ballots are an interactive, fun solution that gamifies the process of stubbing and gets the smoker to VOTE with his cigarette instead of flicking it away. The polls can be made interesting by providing customized poll questions, gathering opinions and creating talking points, etc. while simultaneously creating awareness and inculcating conditioning of stubbing responsibly in the smoker. 

Butt Ballots will be installed at the smoking sections across the festival and the waste collected will then be recycled.


To promote zero waste, DGTL Bengaluru has partnered with Skrap, a waste management solutions company.

The waste generated at the festival will be analysed and a management plan will be customized and implemented accordingly. This includes waste segregation at the event and a sustainable disposal system that involves recycling and composting. 


A company that creates reusable systems for the circular economy. DGTL Bengaluru will have cups that are made from rice husks and are 100% recyclable and reusable. There will be no usage of paper cups at the festival, therefore minimizing wastage and encouraging a responsible and sustainable way to consume drinks at festivals. 



DGTL discourages meat consumption and the pledge will continue at DGTL Bengaluru too, by serving only vegetarian food at the festival. 

With each festival edition, DGTL introduces sustainability efforts and works with collaborators to build sustainable solutions. Climate crisis is escalating across the world, and DGTL believes that societal change is imperative. As a festival platform we like to set an example for everyday life, and think that through our focus on sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, we can inspire people to consider the consequences of a culture of overconsumption, and implement change.

DGTL is highly aware of its environmental impact and has one clear goal; to become the world’s first circular, climate-neutral event/festival in 2020. To meet this goal, the festival fundamentally redesigns its event with each edition. All year round, DGTL searches for the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations to close material loops, eliminate CO2 emissions, and increase environmental awareness. The Bengaluru edition will also follow in the same vein. 

Notably, DGTL is making a sustainable impact on the global festival landscape, and last year it received the International Greener Festival Award for the work it has done thus far. 



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