Shaun Moses & Aardy debuts collaboration on the mighty Octopus Recordings

Octopus Recordings is one of techno’s leading labels for over a decade now with a consistent output ranging from minimalistic modern classic techno to out and out warehouse bangers,...

Octopus Recordings is one of techno’s leading labels for over a decade now with a consistent output ranging from minimalistic modern classic techno to out and out warehouse bangers, led by one of the genre’s most unique and prolific artists Sian. The Octopus presence in India has been growing stronger over the last few years with techno pioneer Arjun Vagale and the upcoming Shaun Moses releasing on the seminal imprint. 2021, brings another chapter, as Hyderabad’s Aardy , also the main man behind Hydrozoa Recordings, and Shaun Moses combine to drop their debut collab. We got in touch with them to get an insight to everything Octopus and how this unfolded.

Congratulations on the debut ep on the mighty Octopus Recordings. Was it in the making for a long time, how did you start the process?

Shaun : Thank you for the kind words . Raj (AARDY) had driven down to my lake house earlier last year in january where i was throwing my 26th birthday party & the next day  while we were chilling together , the idea of a working together on a release hit me & i proposed the idea of a collab E.P on octopus which he found exciting as well . We both had different styles and decided to go with the flow with this e.p not limiting ourselves to any barriers . To our pleasant surprise the whole e.p was wrapped up in less than 2 weeks during the lockdown in March and each of the 3 tunes had a totally different vibe .

Aardy : Thank you. Well, I have been following Shaun’s work for a few years now and really love the way he has built his sound. We met a few times at festivals & gigs but ended up spending time one day at his lake house. Our ideas about sound and track structure were very identical so we thought why not give it a shot, and there you go!

When and how did your association with Octopus start? Why did you choose to have your debut collaboration release here? 

Shaun : I've been following the label ever since I got into djing and it's safe to say that it still ranks at the top of my list . 2019 was when I got my first release signed ( which came out via a compilation ) with them and that kickstarted the relationship which has been growing stronger ever since . We both thought the overall sound & aesthetic of the e.p fitted straight into the Octopus vibe and so we sent it to them first and it got signed straight away . 

Aardy : I have been closely associated with the label since 2013, and then been the A&R Coordinator since early 2018, so the choice was obvious. also I feel the tracks fit the current vibe of Octopus very well.

Octopus is one of the most highly revered techno labels out there. What according to you makes it stand apart from the other labels?.

Shaun : I feel the labels forward thinking approach & not following any trends is what makes it stand out .

Aardy : The label has always been up there, ever since inception, and huge shout out to SIAN for building it the way it is. It is not an easy task to stay among the Top Ten selling Techno labels, with the amount of music coming out these days. Having said that, the Octopus has always moved forward and looked beyond what rocks the boat “today”, focusing on future style, yet staying morden in approach is what makes Octopus what it is.

The release has a strong remixer in the form of another underground techno stalwart Robert S. Was this a natural choice?

Shaun : I've loved Robert's stuff for a long time now . I support a lot of his music consistently at my gigs and his stuff always hits the nail on the head . Surprisingly enough Raj also loved his stuff and so it was a mutual decision to approach him to do the remix which he thankfully obliged in and nailed it to perfection.

Aardy : I have always been a fan of Robert’s productions. It was a coincidence when I heard the same from Shaun. To be honest, Robert loved the original the moment I sent him the track and was up for the remix and totally I love what his version sounds like.

The more underground techno sound has been on the rise lately in India. Do you foresee more cutting edge sounds, being embraced by the audiences, judging from your performances over the last year or so? 

Shaun :  Yes for sure ! . I personally play a lot of intelligent stuff  nowadays which I wouldn't previously do and it's amazing to see the crowd enjoy it and want more .  

Aardy : Music is always evolving, irrespective of genres. There is a definite growth in audience when you compare the last decade or so. This is just the beginning, we have a long way to go.


Is there anything in particular music wise that you would like to see more in terms of events? 

Shaun, Aardy : We’d like to see promoters & venues take risks, give local & National artists the exposure they deserve.

Is there another Ep in the works?

Yes , we are working on new material and aim for a follow up release soon 

Can we expect an Octopus Showcase/tour in the near future?

Had it not been for the pandemic , it would've already happened , but nevertheless we will aim to carry out last year's plans this year .

Aardy, Shaun Moses - They dont know Ep is Out Now. 

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