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Shaun Moses is a name already synonymous within the techno scene in India now. However the Goan lad, has recently revealed another side of this techno avatar with MOSES. A project that is aimed at the more fast paced, rough and raw side of techno. We caught up with him for an in depth interview post his brand new Ep on BE AS ONE, alongside TEMUDO, the rising Portuguese techno sensation who lent a solid remix to this release.

Shaun Moses

Hey Shaun. We had our very first interview with you, and it’s a real pleasure to have you back with us. However, in a new avatar as Moses. Tell us, how did you come about this project?

Hey guys , the pleasure is all mine & it’s great to do another interview with you again . So , with MOSES , the whole idea behind the alias was a fruitful conversation with shlomi aber  , who i had been sending music to for a while . he suggested starting a new alias as some of the tracks i was making didn’t align with the classic shaun moses style and segregating my sound would be better for the long term because by releasing different styles on one alias would not only confuse your brand but also confuse other labels  that  would wanna work with you .  I took his advice seriously as he has been in the business for a while now and  so he did have a good share of knowledge regarding it . 

To put it in brief the MOSES alias was more focussed on a stripped down faster paced textured loopier sound as compared to my primary alias which was more big room sounding with a lot more effects and sounds.

You could have considered continuing as an addition to increasing your versatility as Shaun Moses. Why did you feel the need to start another project? 

Initially that was the idea but i then realised  that a lot of the “A” list labels do a proper background check on you before signing your music and if your previous tunes sound different the the stuff you currently are making and want to sign with them , they will be hesitant to sign you as it affects their brand & label sound which they consider very important . 

This Propelled me into segregating my sound and therefore starting the second alias .

We see a lot of this happening currently. It does make a lot sense if another project is born out of two or 3 artists collaborating. Do you see it as a trend to rake in extra bookings to adhere to  a certain label or audience or genuinely artists are coming up with side projects to express their different sides? 

I’m not sure if I see it as a trend to rake in extra bookings , rather I do see it as a way for artists to genuinely express their different sides . At least for me that’s the main reason why  i started my second alias

Let us know about your latest release with Be as One. If we’re not mistaken, you had your first release as Moses also with them? How did you come about going ahead with them for a full ep? For some of our readers who wouldn’t know about the label what would you like to put across about it that stands out? 

Yes , I had my debut release last year at their VA which did really well . Its amazingly  still in the beatport charts & got dropped by charlotte de witte , enrico sangiuliano & many  more A grade artists recently. The label has a very good reputation in the industry & a tight release schedule .

 i can honestly say that it isn’t easy to land a release on Be As One . But that’s also what attracted me to push for an e.p on the label , because every release is absolute quality & the hard work put into getting that e.p confirmed on the label is worth every penny .  Also the management is fantastic & the promotion is on point as well .

I’ve been sending demos to Shlomi for almost 2 and a half years now & finally landing this debut e.p feels like a dream . I can also honestly say that it is my best work Under this alias to date .  The wait was worth it.


Mixmag · Premiere: Moses ‘Disturbing Thoughts’


Temudo is a really promising and upcoming artist. How did u come in contact woth him to remix? Have u been playing his music in his sets or was it the label choice to have him? 

I’m a huge fan of a few Portuguese artists at the moment 

 Vil , Temudo & Norbak are making some amazing stuff . 

Prior to this lockdown i was playing a temudo track in almost every set of mine & so when shlomi suggested him for a remix to add some shine to the e.p ,

I was thrilled to say the least & he absolutely nailed the remix


Hello Joao. It’s a pleasure to have you. Please tell us a bit about your musical background and what made you  decide to choose the artist path? 

Hi there. My pleasure. So, I decided that music would be pretty much my life around 15/16 years old, when I joined a Jazz School in my hometown. Somehow I knew music would be my life. I was a guitar player back then, but already with an interest in the sonic possibilities I could get from the combination of effects and distortions. At 18 I started my Graduation in Sound and Image (I specialized in Sound) and started to attend the first Raves. Drum and Bass and Electro House were the thing. Here I was discovering and feeling the music from Noisia, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Justice, Extrawelt. Eventually I would start my first “artistic project”, my Drum and Bass alias called Medio, and started (trying to) making beats. I finished my graduation and was a Music Teacher for Kids for two years. In 2011 I started a Master Degree in Musical Arts  – Music & Technology, where I started to study Synthesis more deeply and eventually in 2014 I released my first decent release, an EP called The Tick EP, in Close2Death Recordings and finally had the key players of Drum and Bass playing my music. Around this time I started to listen to more Techno, overwhelmed by it’s minimalistic approach and a kind of “freedom” on the approach to make music. Also this year I had my first release as Temudo. In 2015 I started to hang out with Nuno “VIL”, Pedro and Vasco (-2). We all lived in the Lisbon Techno scene and went to festivals like Neopop or Forte together. All of this shaped my sonic identity. 2 Years later I would found with these guys our own label: Hayes Collective.

How would you describe your style of techno ? 

Well, tough question! I can say I’m obsessed with mixing, mastering and sound design – those are always key elements I have in mind that are hand in hand with aesthetics. I try to keep a psychedelic and hypnotic mood, respecting Techno’s own language and expression – avoiding “generic” or “obvious” melodic lines. I think nowadays I have my own signature, something it’s easier to identify by ear, but hard for me to put in words. I confess I love to process sounds with crazy processing chains.

How is the scene in Portugal at the moment? What other Portuguese artists that are some of your favorites? Is there a certain Portuguese techno sound? 

In music production the Portuguese scene had a breakthrough in the last few years. We now have a wide range of artists doing tracks that are widely played, in all the variety of Techno subgenres. It’s really hard to name some favourites… but I think Cravo and Nørbak had an amazing year, I’m also obviously a big fan of Lewis Fautzi, Moddullar and VIL. We have also some newcomers delivering killer music, like Fresko, Vince, Salbany, Sathurnus, VHS. I also have to mention A Thousand Details, Enkō, Holldën, Shcuro, STNDRD, Steve Parker, A.Paul, Ricky Cross – all of them are delivering serious beats. It’s hard for me to say there is a Portuguese sound, but I can say that we are for sure bringing together different vibes and making them work together… which is something I find interesting. 

The club scene is solid, not as big as in Germany or Netherlands, but still has its own identity. This pandemic situation will be a challenge to overcome, and we (artists, promoters and clubs) will have to join forces to overcome this.

You are a very eclectic and versatile producer. We particularly love the track ‘Tough to say’  released on Soma. Has breaks had an important influence in shaping your sound? 

As a kid born in the late 80’s, The Prodigy had a really big influence on me. Their music was my gateway into electronic music, when I was 12 years old. So, I think that kind of “Big Beat” groove was something I always had in mind to do someday. I confess I was happy to see people commenting to that track and relating it to the Prodigy’s 90’s vibe. As I mentioned before I also produced and released Drum and Bass music, so I can say working with breaks and processing drum loops is something I’m kind of used to. In “Tough to say” I also applied a lot of Techniques I learnt on producing House Music. (on the layering of the hats & percs).

Soma Records · Temudo – Tough To Say (Soma569d)

What other releases do you have coming up? 

For now I can say that I will participate in some VA’s, for example Hayes HYS.K IV and HYS 004. I will also have another EP on Soma, planned around November. I will also have a remix on Soma, for an artist I truly admire and I also have an EP scheduled for January in a label that I follow for ages. In the meanwhile I will have remixes and VA’s pretty much every month. I have been producing a lot of music

What is your personal favorite from Moses’s Ep? 

Disturbing Thoughts, and I’m super happy with my remix

Are you familiar with any Indian artists (it could be any genre) or of the scene here? Would you consider touring here at any point? 

To be honest I’m not familiar with the Techno Scene in India, but I know the Techno community is growing, and for sure I would consider a tour. I have some friends that are into Psy Trance, and they told me really good things about Goa’s Psy Trance scene.

Be As One Imprint · Moses(IN) – the end of the tunnel (BAOX08)

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