Shaun Moses – Rising techno talent

by Keya Pothen
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Hi Shaun. Thanks for joining us. What are you up to at the moment ?

Hey guys , thanks for having me. At the moment, I have been super busy with gigs, lots of
studio time as well and of course chilling in crazy Goa .

Tell us briefly about your musical background and how you came into contact with electronic music.

The DJing bug bit me at 17, my dad used to have a small bar at the night market in Goa , and every Saturday he would do a rocking party, best crowd , best cocktails & best music of course , and so I was introduced to underground music at a very early age and as the years passed on I started to love it more and more . Watching the DJ control a massive crowd of people with the push of a button made me think what a nostalgia it must be to stand behind that console. And so I started to practice & learn on an old pair of CD players that my dad had. By 19 I started playing at my dad’s bar and word spread about my sets in Goa . By 21 I was pretty much playing all the big parties in Goa and slowly started venturing to cities outside Goa as well . I got signed by a really cool Indian based agency Gently Altered who started handling my booking outside Goa and by 22 I was playing quite bit around India. I also started producing my own music and by 23 had a list of releases on very well reputed European record labels, which landed me my debut Europe tour in 2017 . i now tour Europe extensively every summer playing clubs & festivals in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Serbia, Malta, Portugal, Amsterdam & France.

Could you tell us about your production process? How do u go about starting a track?

I work in Ableton live & I usually start with my drums, once I get a good
groove going , the rest follows easy. Since I produce techno, its super important I get
my drums spot on before heading to the rest. I produce mostly with vsts and very less
analog gear , I find my workflow is much faster when producing in the box .

You recently completed a Europe tour. What was your favorite event from it ?

I would say the gig in Sweden at Slakthuset , the crowd was in just 1 hour after the doors
of the club opened and were full Into it right from the beginning . I had over a 600 people on the
small open air terrace and nobody left till the last track. It was hands down my best gig in Europe.

The music scene in India is booming at the moment and you are one of the
rising stars from the techno side. What according to you are the challenges that we face
and what could be done to improve? Well budgets to start out , its always been difficult for new entries into the scene to earn
decent fees . The task of pulling people early to a party in India is another challenge and most opening acts don’t really get a proper crowd until their last half hour . What can we expect from you in the near future ? What releases do you
have upcoming? A few killer Shaun Moses gigs for sure !!  On the releases front, I have music signed by
Andre from ( off ) , Rob hes ( Pursuit ) , Drumcomplex ( complexed ) and a remix for Alex mine
set for 2019 which I’m super excited about .

What does Shaun Moses do when he isn’t in the studio ?

Cook , fishing with friends & chilling by the beach with some cold beer

We heard that your a good cook! What’s your personal favorite dish

I make a deadly Roast chicken with gravy .

You are based in Goa. How is the techno scene there ?

At the moment its one fire , lots of quality parties going on till late with lots of top talent
from all over the world coming down to play , so many local talented djs also getting plenty of
opportunities to play with the big guns which really puts a smile on my face .

Any personal favorite labels and artists from India ?

Arjun Vagales label ‘ODD‘ is definitely my favorite label & dotdat , Akshay Mathker,
Arjun Vagale , Kohra are definitely some of my favorite artists. I love Dotdats new stuff as
its right up my alley and were soon planning something very big together . Keep your eyes on
the lookout. Thanks for chatting with us. To end on an interesting note, if you were to
be asked to play a set the very next minute, what would be your opening track ?

Shaun Moses – The Molly Diet out on my good friend hollens label PROSPECT

Check Shaun Moses exclusive podcast for Inditronic below. 


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