Spinal Fusion: The Psychedelic Experience

by Team Inditronic
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What influenced you into producing Electronic Music? 

The year 1999, was the first time I got to hear electronic music and it influenced me. The groove, bpm and the crowd got me really interested in the music.

Spinal Fusion is a unique name! Can you tell us how and why you chose this name?

I had an accident in 2008. I was affected with a Spinal injury after that accident and “Spinal Fusion” is the term which I used to hear a lot that points of time. Once I started making music, and considering how both changed my life, Spinal Fusion sounds about right.

Who are some of your musical influences or musicians you look up to/motivate you to continue producing and Djing?

When I started hearing Psytrance, Astrix influenced me a lot. Also the GMS. In recent times, I listen to a lot of Sonic-species . They have got the right psychedelic elements according to me.

Now, when we talk about the electronic music industry in India, what is good and bad you noticed? Where do we need improvement?

The electronic music scene in India is pretty good these days. Earlier it was much less, and you wont find a lot of events. But nowadays there are a lot of underground scenes and there is enough audience for all genre of electronica. Audience come and support in numbers and I like it these days. I like the vibe in places like Goa and Bangalore. It is amazing.

There are negatives too, not just in India. Every establishment has it own problems, not just the music scene. For example, the time restrictions based on the crowd is bad. We all are here to enjoy the music and have a good time. Also, more and more organizers have to support Indian gigs. It is something where we need a big improvement.

Which is the other Indian artist you like and listen to? (any sub-genre) And why?

In psytrance genre, Starlab is one whom I found doing exceptionally well.

What’s your favorite go to music? Like an Electronic sub-genre or maybe something completely different.

Mostly Chillout and Ambient. Artists like Entheogenic, Younger Brother, etc. Their music influences me as well.

Thank you for talking to us Bilas! We wish you all the success!

It’s my pleasure. Inditronic is something that I look up to and I wish you guys all the success.


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