Starlab- A Cosmic Chat

by Keya Pothen
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‘StarLab’ is a project initialized by Bharat from New Delhi, India. Training in Indian Classical Music laid the musical foundations for Bharat at a very early age. Over the years, as a self taught Vocalist, Bass & Guitar player he gathered a wealth of experience touring and recording with his band for over a decade until he encountered the hypnotic sound of Psychedelic Trance Music at a beach party in Goa, India. This strongly affected his musical persona after which he began to teach himself synthesis & music production and project StarLab was born.

Hi Bharat. What are you up to at the moment?
Well at the moment I am on a train from Munich to Prague and preparing a special new live set just for Inditronic :

Can you share with us your first experience behind the decks? How was it?

My first experience behind the decks was a super memorable one. I transitioned from being a live instrumentalist (Bass guitar) to becoming an electronic music producer so getting behind the decks in front of a crowd came quite naturally to me. It was at a very nice (now closed) venue called The Zoo where my friend SONR and I started doing monthly psytrance nights.

Being the pioneer of progressive psytrance in the country, what are your current
reflections on the psytrance scene in India today ?

Its a very dynamic scene and like anywhere has its ups and downs. Personally I have a had some very memorable gigs in India lately but we could surely use more proper venues and festivals supporting psytrance and more serious organizers coming in. There are a bunch of people who I trust and work with and that’s about it. Ofcourse one needs to be careful about that.

What can we expect from you in the near future ? What releases do you have

In the immediate future I have some great collaborations coming with Hypnocoustics, Burn In Noise and Monosapiens which are almost ready.

What is your go to synth?

Go to software synth at the moment is Xfer Serum and Hardware Virus TI Snow.

Any production tip that you would like to share to upcoming producers ?

Have a strong kick drum and percussion section.

What’s on your playlist right now?

Im rarely listening to psytrance outside of the studio. Im mostly listening to downtempo and rock music. Lately Ive been going back to a lot of Entheogenic, stuff. And in rock Im listening to Oceansize, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Incubus to name a few.

Favorite upcoming artists ?

Mono sapiens and Alchemists

If there is one track that you would love to remix, which one would it be ?
Astrix – Artcore

Thanks for chatting with us. Any last words for our readers ?

Thanks for having me! All the best and my full support to Inditronic!

Check StarLab’s track list here. Thank us later!

Check Starlab exclusive podcast for Inditronic below. 

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