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Plenty of artists and Dj’s are sprouting all across in the booming techno scene of India.

Yet despite the end number of producers hitting the market, strangely techno labels that push the same are a bit of a rarity. Soupherb, Occultech , Qilla and Odd are probably the main notable ones with a solid output that have a global audience, in the last 10 years. 

Joining the ranks is another promising crew. Subtrail, founded in May 2020 by two techno DJs and producers, Rohan Sable (Reclaim) & Uddhav Khatri (Uddhav) started promoting their passion for all things minimal techno and psy-tech with a platform for their audience to explore this style of music by way of track premieres, podcasts and more. Fast forward to 2021 their project has gathered momentum with a consistent output of premieres, podcasts and a thriving facebook group with like minded individuals who have the same taste of music. 

Moving forward, they felt that the natural step to take their passion a notch higher was to start a record label through which they could also promote the music that they love. Subtrail has released their first compilation titled ‘Sonic Secrets Vol.1’ 

Read on to find out everything about the label and its release.

High quality releases focusing on minimal techno, psy-tech and hypnotic techno genre. 

Premiers are unreleased full tracks exclusively shared by them on their soundcloud and youtube page with full permission from Artist and Label. 

They repost tracks and DJ mixes on request or whenever they hit our radar. 

Trail Picks are hand picked tracks by the Subtrail crew that have been recently released and are still fresh. 

Trail Casts are their very own podcast series showcasing a mix of upcoming and established artists from our scene. 

They also promote and share psychedelic art on our social media channels. 

Facebook Group

Their First release ‘Sonic Secrets’ is Out Now 


Subtrail is proud to present their first ever VA comprising of eight dodgy members lurking in the Indian underground techno & psychedelic scene. We bring you 6 tracks produced by this crew in cities like Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore over the course of a year. After heavily testing on many sacred dance floors, we let these secrets out to guide you through your sonic journey. 

Amrit x Airwalker – Astronutz (Original Mix)

Basslinengineer – Corrupt Society (Original Mix)

Coldsnap – A Cold Theory (Original Mix)

Noob Psybot – Deep Dive (Original Mix)

Reclaim x 6litch – Transition Tension (Original Mix)

Uddhav – Exos (Original Mix)

Get it on : https://www.beatport.com/label/subtrail/92476

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