Heart to heart with The Weird Sounding Dude

by Keya Pothen
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Hi Abhijith. We are curious. How did you come up with your artist name?

Hello there, thank you for having me on board. This is probably the very first thing people ask me about when I meet them, When I started out exploring the music scene, I was influenced by a lot of minimalistic, organic sounds, and at that movement I felt ‘Weird Sounding Dude’ would make up to a great stage name, fast forward few years, I found my love for Progressive & Deep House and I went on to stick to the same artist name as its pretty unique and cool. To be honest, there isn’t much weirdness happening in my sounds however I am trying to make it unique by developing a signature sound inspired by my early day influences.

Who are your biggest influences?

James Holden, Extrawelt, Nathan Flake, Lake People, Kiasmos, MUUI.

Could you tell us more about your latest release ? How did it come about and what was your inspiration behind it?

My latest two track EP ‘Aida / Adia’ was released on an Canadian record label called ‘Strange Town Recordings’. Generally when I start out to write a track, I always start off with the musical components, mostly it’s these elements which end up inspiring me to complete a particular track, and this has been my work-flow for quite sometime now and it’s been helpful and effective in getting good results for me.

You are part of a rising generation of Progressive house producers in India. What can we expect from you in the future ? Do you see yourself branching more into other related genres?

The future is surely looking bright, I am releasing a EP on Band-camp in December, and this will be last EP for 2018. As far as 2019 goes couple of EP’s have already been signed and scheduled for release somewhere in early 2019. I will be releasing a lot of music for 2019 and I am very much eagerly looking forward to that., also hoping to do a lot more gigs. Yes, my sounds have already started to branch out to more related genres surrounding the progressive and deep scene, I guess, I have finally found myself a signature sound and as of now I am trying to implement various aspects of different genres which inspire to create into my tracks.

What has been your most memorable event so far?

Pretty much every event I play is memorable in it’s own way, but if I had to choose any one, it would be recent gig at Kitty-Ko (Bangalore), where I had the opportunity to close the night, the crowd was fantastic, the vibes were great that night and it was the very first time my wife saw me DJin.

We heard your an avid gamer! What game are you playing right now ?

Always have a soft spot for games, although I don’t spend much time these days for gaming, I sometimes play PUBG and couple more online games.

You are also a faculty at themusicscool In Bangalore. How has your experience been there so far? What type of music are the students generally interested in?

Yes, I have been teaching Electronic Music Production at themusiscool for three years now. It’s an amazing place to work at, super friendly colleague’s who help each other out, the environment is great for learning. It’s like my second home, I could not have asked for more. There is a lot of diversity among students in-terms of music interest, we have got students who aspire to be film composers, IDM enthusiastic and everything surrounding EDM, Pop, Hip-hop and Carnatic scene.

An Indian artist you would like to collaborate with?

I would for sure someday would love collaborate with Vinayaka^a, he’s been one of those artist’s who has inspired at various stages of my musical journey.

If we were to ask you to name a track based on your current mood, what would it be?

In Search Of Harmony.

Check Weird Sounding Dude’s exclusive podcast for Inditronic below. 

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