13 Upcoming Techno artists from India you should know of

by Team Inditronic
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A Birth Defect

Though relatively not familiar to the regular dancefloor aficionados across the nation, when your music is regularly played and supported by industrial techno heavy weights such as Rebekah, Paula Temple and more, you know your on to something. A birth defect is visceral and hard hitting techno duo from the capital city Delhi fronted by veteran dj from the circuit Dj Dale.

8bit Culprit

Faraz ehsan Hailing from Kolkata is the figure being the smooth melodic techno artist 8 bit culprit. With releases on Qilla Records, Soupherb Records and the latest on Laark Recordings, he has already been receiving support from the mainstays in the underground music scene in the country. 


With an impressive international touring schedule supported by a string of solid chart topping releases, and a good blend of techno with melodic, progressive and minimalistic elements, Pune based Diatonik is amongst the rising techno stars in the nation. 


Releases on Odd, Pan pots Second State imprint has thrown  Sidhant Naren aka Dotdat to solid nationwide and international recognition. Heady, tight and driving techno from this Pune lad is quite the rage these days and is a certified techno star in the making. 

Folic State

Already a firm favorite amongst the masses over the last couple of years,  Mumbai based Karan Desai is one of the leading figures in the minimal techno scene in the nation. With several chart topping tracks on solid imprints worldwide and his music spun by several top artists in the underground fraternity, the subtle psychedelia and tight production has made him a household name. 

Mr Red

Delhi based Rohit Lall has carved himself a stellar space in the capital’s growing techno and minimal scene. He has performed alongside several industry stalwarts such as Arjun Vagale, Julian Jeweil, Shft, Praveen achary and more. His last Ep reached amongst the top 20 of the Beatport minimal charts. A great talent to watch out for. 


Arguably India’s most technically gifted dj and winner of the Mtv India Dj championships in 2010, a veteran of the circuit in the nation, Delhi based Manish Mendiratta is a fan favorite with his harder techno sets as Mashter. A slew of notable releases has caught the attention of the public with his signature drive and hooks in his tracks. Watch out for some solid releases coming from this veteran artist. 


Pune based Roan Sable is the person behind the moniker of minimal/techno project Reclaim. With solid releases on home label Soupherb, And a solid domestic touring circuit, Reclaim is a popular name in the circuit delivering top notch minimal edged techno sets. Plenty of music is to come from this promising project in 2020.

Seventh Sea

Bangalore based Sagar Bhat aka Seventh Sea is a talented producer and dj with several solid releases on reputed imprints worldwide within  a short span of his career. Seventh sea’s music is characterised by melodic overtones, driving basslines and well crafted ethereal soundscapes.

Shash and Chaz

Bangalore based Shashwat Trivedi and Akshay Chaz (Shash & Chaz) begun their career in 2011, playing back to back as individual acts. Shashwat and Akshay come from two diverging ends of the spectrum in terms of their personality, which in turn adds to their persona.Being extremely active through the domestic scene, carving a reputation for themselves, playing alongside international acts like Dubfire, Jay Lumen, Spartaque,  Their productions are made of melodic tones, hypnotic rhythms with an unmistakable dancefloor groove, making them a firm local favorite. After a slew of solid releases they are working on more releases with a more refined sound for 2020

Shaun Moses

One of India’s rising stars, Shaun Moses has been relentlessly releasing top notch driving techno bombs on world renowned imprints such as On/Off , Octopus , Prospect to name a few.

Everything he has dropped so far is steeped in four by four goodness, with his signature meaty bass riffs and minimal, yet complex, structures. During his DJ sets, he showcases an explosive snapshot if his capabilities, bursting at the seams with an atmospheric synth haze, rolling percussive hits and deep powerful bass lines.

The goa based artist has  a busy domestic and growing international touring schedule, and has played around some of the best festivals, clubs and events in the country.


One of the top upcomings acts from South India, Shreyas begun his career in early 2011 in Bangalore (India), with over half a decade of experience behind him, his undying passion for music resonates through his productions  which string together hypnotic, deep and atmospheric tonalities with darker and more musically inclined melodic phrases, stitched together to form a journey of its own. From sharing the decks with the likes of Fur Coat, Bart Skils and more Shreyas has proved time and again to be a promising act who will keep reinventing, and pushing himself.


Bangalore based Sumith Suresh is the driving force behind Synister and is also the owner of one of India’s top techno imprints Occultech Recordings. One of the countries leading electronic music exports as his psytrance moniker Braindrop, there is no doubt about the impeccable quality that comes with his side project. Having started the project years 5 years ago, he has already made a string of strong performances across Asia and Europe across various clubs and festivals. Majority of his tracks of have been chart toppers on Beatport with support from industry bigiwgs.  The Synister sound is a complex concoction. Techno that has a touch of minimal, dark, atmospheric, hynpnotic ,driving elements and always ever powerfully resonating on the dancefloor.


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